Starbucks Summer Coffee Review


The Starbucks brown sugar shaken oatmilk espresso. Photo provided by Starbucks.

Trinity Turner, Copy Editor

As summer ends, staying up until unreasonable times . These nights are always fun, but since school has started, the late nights have caught up to us. We now have to try and get on a schedule.


 However, when 8 a.m. rolls around, it always feels like we haven’t slept. Moving around, still half asleep, we try to get ready and think there has to be a solution. There is and its two simple words, Starbucks Coffee. 


However, not all Starbucks coffee and refreshers are made equally. Some Starbucks drinks can be touch and go, like their Pink Drink. The Pink drink is a blend of Strawberries, Coconut milk, and caffeine. All these things together sound marvelous, but this drink tastes like perfume. 


Their new Paradise refresher is also a failure. The Paradise refresher is a mix of Coconut milk and freeze-dried Pineapple. It should taste like a refreshing paradise, but Freshman Bailey Mercer says that she “would not recommend it because it has a very off-putting Mango and Pineapple taste.” 


The Oat milk and Brown sugar cold brew are slightly better and more caffeinated drinks.  This drink combines Oat milk, Brown sugar, and Starbucks’ infamous Cold Brew. While it’s mainly for coffee drinkers, adding Salted caramel foam can add a touch of sweetness, making it for everyone. 


For those with a sweet tooth, the Caramel Ribbon crunch should be a go-to. It contains the perfect blend of caramel, ice, milk, coffee, and crunchy caramel bites will have anyone coming back for more. Adding extra caramel bites will give it even more of a crunch. 


Are you not big on caramel, but love chocolate? Then the Mocha Cookie Crumble is a fantastic choice for you. Much like the Caramel Ribbon Crunch, the Cookie Crumble is a mix of milk, ice, coffee, chocolate, and Cookie crumbles.


While Starbucks can have some bad drinks, there are still some pretty awesome drinks that change with the season. Hopefully, they will get rid of Paradise and bring in Pumpkin Spice so coffee lovers will have another perk of having to wake up early for class.

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