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Stop believing superstitions about black cats

Madelyn Kidd, Copy Editor

October 18, 2019

Many of us know about the superstition that black cats bring bad luck, which has unfortunate consequences to black cats in animal shelters. Black cats have the lowest adoption rates and highest euthanasia rates in shelters acr...

The importance of Special Olympics

Harry Reynolds, Contributing Reporter

October 18, 2019

Rocky was a cowboy; he carried his holstered revolvers around the neighborhood and wore his big white hat low on his head. He came into my life one fine summer day in 1953; my first reaction was fear, which was understandable....

They cut the ginko tree down

Harry Reynolds

September 17, 2019

  Someone complained about the ginkgo, and it went down.     It stood on a corner of the library grounds, peeked over the shoulders of the sidewalk, threw shade on people sitting on the iron bench and told a story if you listened. The breeze carried its voice in murmur...

Hagrid’s a death eater theory is false

Madelyn Kidd, Copy Editor

September 17, 2019

Death Eater Illustrated By Brian Kidd On Aug. 5 a Reddit user, Zach Hansen, uploaded a controversial Harry Potter theory proposing the idea that Hagrid is secretly a high-ranking death eater in a 9,653 word essay. Despite giv...

What a Tree?

Chandler Smith, Navigator Work Study

September 14, 2019

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? I simply think when a tree falls it does make a sound as long as you are close enough. The sound received by your eardrums is not just meant for one li...

Area 51 Raid is a bad Idea

Owen Seifert, Business Manager

September 14, 2019

Every year there are certain events that will be remembered for decades. I truly believe that this year's event could have been the legendary Area 51 raid. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, there was a ...

The feats and fears of transferring

Abigail Buenker, Managing Editor

April 1, 2019

Submitting college applications, writing a personal essay, searching high and low for scholarship applications, emailing college representatives back and forth, visiting campus with- oh, sorry-does this first sentence stress you...

St. Patrick’s Day and Birthdays

Harry Reynolds, Reporter

April 1, 2019

On March 17, another unwanted birthday came to fruition. Of course, being of Irish descent, St. Patrick’s Day is an excuse to drink beer. There is an old saying: “God created liquor to keep the Irish from conquering the worl...

Should student athletes be paid?

Matthew Harvey, Multimedia Manager

April 1, 2019

On February 20, 2019, the Duke University Blue Devils and University of North Carolina Tar Heels, suited up in their blues and whites to write the latest chapter in one of the most iconic rivalries in basketball history. Former U...

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