The Navigator News

2018-2019 Staff

Zoë Donovan


Zoë is the Editor-In-Chief of The Navigator News. She started working for the Navigator in August of 2017.  Zoë is an English major with a love of journalism. She thinks she wants to go into Secondary English Education. She loves her cats, journalism and climbing trees. ...

Abigail Buenker

Managing Editor

Abigail is currently the Managing Editor of The Navigator News. She has been on staff since her freshman year when the paper was under the out-of-sight, top tier reign of Derby Roan. In the future, Abigail plans to transfer to a four-year university after graduating from Lake Land and will pursue a career in eith...

Courtney Reel

Copy Editor

Courtney is the current the Copy Editor of The Navigator News. She has always had a love for writing has been able to put this skill to use during her time on staff. After Lake Land, her plans are to transfer to UIUC and to pursue a degree in Marketing. In her free time she enjoys discovering new musi...

Madolyn Hackler

Business Manager

Madolyn Hackler is the Business and Advertising Manager for the Navigator News. She is a freshman in college at Lake Land this year and plans to be involved in the nursing program on campus in the future.

Cedric Peoples

Distribution Manager

Cedric Peoples is the Archivist and the Distribution Manager for The Navigator News. He doesn't do much of anything and has been procrastinating writing this bio.

Matt Harvey

Multi-Media Manager

Matt Harvey is a writer, photographer, multimedia journalist, and Sophomore RTV major at Lake Land College. Matt has four years of editorial experience in arts & culture and music journalism, news reporting, and editing. His by-lines can be found in On The money Magazine, Prime Fortune,,...

Storm Aiken


Storm Aiken is in charge of Layout and Design for the newspaper. She is an Archaeology major hoping to transfer to UIUC after her time at Lake Land. She aspires to be a museum curator, or to be a badass adventurer. Possibly both. Her favorite show is Firefly, and her free time is spent browsing the memes...

John Enright


John “Maclean” Enright is a member of the Navigator News. He likes science fiction, video games and, above all, writing. He was homeschooled from grade school through high school and went on to attend Lake Land College from January of 2016 to December of 2018. He has been a member of the Lake Land...

Trevor Hendryx


Trevor is a student and an instructor at Lake Land College. When he isn't in the classroom teaching CAD, he's driving around the area with his DD service TrevHen DD. Trevor hopes to attend a four-year institution and obtain his master's degree in secondary education and physics. In his free time, Trevor...

Will Starwalt

Sports Reporter

Will Starwalt is the Sports Reporter for the Navigator News. In his free time, Will enjoys watching the Cardinals beat the Cubs, browsing for memes, and being extra presidential as the acting President of the Broadcast club on campus.

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