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School walkouts make students’ voices heard

The Staff of the Navigator News

March 31, 2018

We are at a time in history that seems to be constantly blotted with the fear of school shootings and violence in public places. Following the Parkland shooting in Florida that left 17 individuals dead and 16 injured, students...

Is favoritism an issue in high schools today?

The Staff of the Navigator News

March 1, 2017

In January this year, a petition in Effingham, Ill., surfaced, singling out the high school's vice principal and accusing him of belittling and harassing students. Regardless of the truth of the accusation, much of the discussion...

You’re Doing It Right

The Staff of the Navigator News

September 7, 2016

The general perception of community college is that it’s only there for the broke and unprepared. But, we, the staff of the Navigator News, believe that attending a community college is worth whatever losses we may suffer in...

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