“In Space with Markiplier” official release date announced: Fans are over the moon


Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach poses on the for the official “In Space with Markiplier” trailer. Image retrieved from YouTube.

Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

On Sept. 3, 2021, YouTube creator Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach released a video titled “Everything has to end,” giving viewers the first look into his latest interactive film, “In Space with Markiplier.”

The 45 seconds of blackness was the very first peak into what had formerly only been known as “Heist Two,” a reference to his earlier work, “A Heist with Markiplier.” The instrumental of “Space is cool,” a fan made song that is very popular on the channel, played in the background. Slowly the title comes into view, “In Space with Markiplier.”

“In Space with Markiplier” is a sequel to the 2020 film, “A Heist with Markiplier.” Fischbach started work on this project after ending the year-long YouTube channel “Unus Annus” with fellow creator Ethan ‘CrankGamePlays’ Nestor-Darling.

One Sept. 6, 2021, another video aired, confirming that the former was in fact a teaser for “Heist Two.” Fans of Markiplier had been waiting for any information involving the sequel since the end of Unus Annus. There had been nothing for nearly a year until the drops of these two videos. This video, titled “Hello Friends,” explained some of the need for secrets.

“I’ve been very paranoid about telling you about ‘In Space with Markiplier’ for two damn years!” Fischbach exclaimed with wide eyes at the start of the video.

Also during this short video, Fischbach publicly shames one of his friends, Wade ‘LordMinion777′ Barnes. The secret of “Heist Two” being held in space was kept for nearly two years by everyone. Almost everyone, that is. Barnes took it upon himself to tweet about how “Heist Two” took place in space the day after “A Heist with Markiplier” came out. Of course, Barnes’ intent was not to spoil the entire show. He thought it was a joke, and so did everyone else.

Fans then heard nothing else about “In Space with Markiplier” until Dec. 11, 2021. Fischbach released another video titled “Everything has to begin.” In this teaser, we see a large ship named the “INVINCIBLE” that seems to be broken down. Voices echo through the empty vacuum of space saying things like “You did this Captain,” “We followed you to the end of the universe” and “Those people put their lives in your hands.” Outside of the ship, a person’s body slowly floats by.

This sneak peek of “In Space with Markiplier” also premiered during the 2021 YouTube Streamy Awards, where Fischbach and Nestor-Darling won the Best Collaboration award for their work on Unus Annus. One of the voices recognized in the teaser were that of Bob Muyskerm, known as “Muyskerm” on YouTube, who has appeared in many of Markiplier’s videos.

The official trailer premiered live on YouTube on March 4. This trailer announced the official release date, which is April 4, 2022. This trailer showed clip after clip of “In Space with Markiplier” footage. This release date was set to celebrate Fischbach’s 10 year anniversary on Youtube. 

On March 9, nearly a week after the release of the trailer, Fischbach set up a live stream titled, “Watching the Same Video 100 Times.” During this nearly five hour long stream, he successfully watched his own film’s trailer 100 times. Fischbach fielded questions about the show from viewers during this time as well.

“My goal, from now until ‘In Space’ comes out, is to get as many people as possible watching this trailer,” Fischbach explained in between questions.

Around the 50th playthrough of the trailer, a secret was released. However, all viewers were sworn to secrecy on what exactly the secret was. 

“It’s still good, after watching it over 98 times it’s still good,” Fischbach proclaimed with a huge smile. Then, after all 100 viewings, some secret “Amy approved” behind-the-scenes images were shared by Fischbach.

“Just take a look at that and understand that you are the captain of this ship. All of our lives are in your hands, and there’s no one that I trust more than you to be our captain,” Fischbach concluded.

“In Space with Markiplier” premieres in a few weeks, on April 4. See you on the ship, Captain!

Everything has to end: Everything has to end.

Hello Friends:  hello friends

Everything has to begin: Everything has to begin.

In Space With Markiplier Trailer: In Space with Markiplier | Official Trailer


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