SGA looks to improve for the spring semester


Shayla Taylor

Vice President of Student Services, Valerie Lynch speaks at 2/9 SGA meeting.

Shayla Taylor, Reporter

After reflecting on last semester, Student Government Association (SGA) President Skye Schumaker and Vice President Chase Temmen have both expressed interest in doing better this semester than the last. At the group’s Feb. 9 meeting, Temmen called on Schumaker to utilize their members, saying the group was only as good as their leadership. Schumaker then said that it was an “uphill battle” to keep people involved and pointed out that several people have made commitments that they failed to follow through on. After this reflection and plan to improve, the student body will have to judge for itself the group’s performance this term. 

Also at the Feb. 9 meeting, Vice President for Student Services Valerie Lynch gave a presentation regarding results from a student survey that was done in collaboration with SGA. She also spoke to them about what student life was like before the COVID-19 pandemic, as none of them were students at LLC before then and did not get to see how SGA was run then. She told them that when there is work to be done on an issue, that work needs to be done outside of meeting time. She also said that they should be prioritizing committees more because that is where the groundwork happens. 

After receiving a student complaint about sinks in the girls’ bathroom of the Northeast building, SGA worked with maintenance employees to get them fixed. Members also received their SGA quarter-zip pullovers. 

Looking to the future, the governing body is preparing for the upcoming elections of delegates for the 2022-2023 school year that will be held in mid-March. There is also an effort to have a recreational event to promote group bonding; the members plan to go skating at some point in March. After the cancellation of the February blood drive due to weather, the group looks to have the blood drive scheduled for April 21, 2022. They will help to staff the event. Finally, they are preparing for graduation, in which four freshman delegates will serve as marshalls.

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