SAB is looking for new members!


Photo via Lake Land College SAB Facebook

Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

The Student Activity Board (SAB) is accepting applications! However, before students put their hats in the ring, let us explain what exactly the SAB is.

According to the Lake Land College website, “the Student Activity Board works to provide Lake Land College students with social and cultural events on Wednesdays at 11 am.” Does that truly explain all that SAB does for Student Life? Not if you ask Director of Student Life, Lisa Shumard-Shelton. 

“Lake Land College SAB has a rich history as a rewarding and educational program for students to take part in,” Shumard-Shelton explained, “It helps students develop leadership and event planning skills as they plan the weekly activities.”

On top of the Wednesday meetings at noon, SAB also does team building sessions, so members can get to know each other better, but most of all, the group is “focused on providing a fun and rewarding experience,” as Shumard-Shelton said.

Shumard-Shelton encourages students to fill out the short application to join SAB. 

“SAB is a wonderful way for students who have not yet made the first step in an activity at LLC to get started!” Shumard-Shelton finished.

Stop by the student life office anytime to see Shumard-Shelton or Dustyn Fatheree in the Student Life Office, or email [email protected].

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