LLC needs a coffee shop on campus


According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, 92 percent of college students drink coffee, and 79 percent of said coffee-drinkers use caffeine to stay awake. Photo retrieved from KitnCaboodle.

Shayla Taylor, Reporter and Business Manager

As many are aware, Lake Land College (LLC) does not have any sort of coffee shop on campus. The only coffee readily available to students is bottled Starbucks drinks in vending machines. 

Speaking from personal experience, college students are often running on empty and rely upon caffeine for energy and motivation to get through long school days. The college and its students would, without a doubt, benefit from an on-campus coffee shop. With hundreds of people on campus every week and no other immediate option for one of America’s most common sources of caffeine, the shop would bring in significant revenue. According to the National Coffee Association, 70 percent of Americans drink coffee every week, with the average coffee drinker drinking three cups per day. Even non-coffee drinkers would likely stop in for other beverages offered such as tea, smoothies and soft drinks. It would also offer students another place to complete school work and socialize with friends. 

Esthetics student Gracie Milby said, “I think it would be great to have a coffee shop on campus! It would be much more convenient than having to bring my coffee from home or get it on the way to class. I think a lot of my classmates would feel the same way.” 

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