Student of the Month: Dental Hygiene

October and November’s student’s of the month!


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Addie Eddy, Social Media Manager

Each month, the dental hygiene program here at Lake Land College (LLC) votes one student to be the “Student of the Month.” Tyra Leonard and Alayna Hann were named the October and November students of the month for the dental hygiene program!

Tyra Leonard was the October Student of the Month. “I was honored when I found out,” said Leonard.

Her ultimate goal is a career in dental hygiene, and she has already been offered a position at Swansons Oral Surgery in Effingham, Ill.

“I love how we’ve become a family already. I appreciate all of the relationships I’ve made,” Leonard said when asked what she loved most about the program.

November’s student of the month was Alayna Hann. “I was shocked and honored when I found out,” said Hann.

“I want to stick with dental hygiene, but I’d really like to go into pediatric dental hygiene!” Hann said when asked about her future plans.

When asked what her favorite part of the class was, she stated that she enjoyed preclinic and liked working with all of the instruments and learning how to use them.

Both of the girls said that they didn’t have previous experience, but they don’t feel behind at all. “I feel like we’re all on the same page,” they both agreed.

This class, including these girls, will start teeth cleaning next summer. “Right now we’re working with little mannequin heads and I can’t wait to actually work on real people,” said Hann. “It’s what I’m looking forward to the most,” continued Leonard.

Both girls expressed their love for the program and their instructors. They like how their teachers all use visual aids and make sure the classes are easier than expected. One teacher that they brought up was Mrs. Hartrich. Both girls agreed, saying, “She makes the students feel so welcome.”

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