Hunting for the duck blind

Lake Land College’s student section

Addie Eddy, Social Media Manager

How many of you have heard of the Duck Blind? Barely anyone here at Lake Land even knows what it is. The Duck Blind is the student section at Laker games. It’s hard to believe at one point this was such a big deal here, and now it’s not. COVID-19 changed a lot of things, and this was definitely one of the biggest.

A lot of questions arise about the Duck Blind. Why did it go away? Who’s in charge of it? Was COVID the reason it stopped or was it just a lack of students? Would students come if they knew it was there? There are so many questions and it’s extremely hard to find answers to these questions for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons we can’t find any information on it is because their website isn’t updated at all. 

If you go to the Lake Land College website and look up “Duck Blind,” you will find a link that will take you to their page. However, the page is empty. The only thing it says is “Duck Blind: The Duck Blind is the student cheer section for all Laker athletic events. Grab some Laker Gear at the Bookstore or at the Laker Nest.”

Talking to some students around campus, it seems that they didn’t even know about the Duck Blind. When asked, they would ask “What’s that?” or say “I don’t even know what that is.” If we want to support our Lakers, why does nobody know about this? Most students said that they would start going to games more often if they knew there would be other students there, but they don’t know if there will be. The SGA is in the process of trying to get the Duck Blind back in full swing, but it’s going to take a lot of work.

Many students don’t know the Duck Blind exists which means we need to spread the word. If we could get more students to the games, it could help the athletes in the long run. More support and cheering always helps a team. We should all get out there and support our Lakers and start up the Duck Blind again!

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