Lake Land’s very welcoming Welcome Day

Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

Welcome all Lakers! Looking for a way to get to know all the fun that can be had on campus at Lake Land? If you answered yes then Welcome Day is the event for you.

On Aug. 25, Lake Land students flooded the Field House to enjoy Welcome Day, an event held by the Student Activity Board (SAB). There were a total of 21 groups present, as well as all sorts of free Laker merch. There were free bags, cups, magnets, journals, pens, shirts, and so much more!

Some of the groups present were on campus clubs, such as the International Club,  Environmental Club, Broadcasting Club, Criminal Justice Club, Pride, Theatre, Club M & M, SAB, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), National Society of Student Leaders (NSLS) and the Student Government Association (SGA).

Even the Navigator News had a table set up to hand out applications.

Other tables were more about the programs LLC has, like Nursing, Health Services, Tutoring and Testing, Early Childhood Education, Laker Christian Fellowship, Dial-A-Ride, Accounting, Vibe, Student Ambassadors and Active Mind. 

Karla Miller, who stood at the Tutoring and Testing table, discussed some of her favorite parts of this year’s Welcome Day, “Students aren’t just going from the parking lot to the classroom.” Miller talked about how she “missed being face to face” and that “it’s good to be back”. 

Miller also discussed the effect being online had on the tutoring program, and that anyone willing to tutor would be greatly appreciated. Tutoring is free, and not only for students struggling with classes.

In the past, SAB held a lunch during Welcoming Day. However, this year was different because of Lake Land’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Dave Seiler, the Interim Director of Student Life, said that Welcome Day is used to help students find ways to enjoy their time at Lake Land. Students should like LLC, and Welcome Day is the perfect opportunity to get to know other students and find groups that they may enjoy. 

Seiler says, “My favorite thing about Welcome Day is the energy! Everyone gets fired up about fun things.” When asked about the huge table of free merch Seiler happily replied, “This is our way to give back. Students pay all this money to attend Lake Land, and I want to give that back. This is one small way to do that.”

Last year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, most students didn’t get the chance to go on campus, and SAB was unable to have Welcome Day. Many students missed out on getting to know the charm of Lake Land. 

Seiler says that we “lost a year” and he’s glad that we are “restoring the tradition” of Welcome Day. Welcome Day has been a tradition for the students since 1966. Seiler even participated in Welcome Day while enrolled at LLC in 1983. 

Seiler encourages everyone to take part in Welcome Day in the years to come. Form a connection with the Lakers of the past, and the future.


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