The Laker cheerleaders should quack


Kaitlyn Bloemer, Photographer and Reporter

For the last couple of years, I have harbored some deep feelings about the Lake Land College’s sideline cheers and what should be in them. Am I qualified to have this opinion? No, absolutely not. I was a cheerleader for one year in high school, and even then I missed out on most of the games due to basketball. I pretty much coasted through the season, and never cheered again. I do not think I ever came up with a sideline cheer on my own. But there were a few times pre-COVID that I found myself watching a Lake Land College men’s basketball game. And of course, with men’s basketball comes the art of cheerleading As I was watching, I noticed a particular flaw within the sideline cheers. I never once heard the cheerleaders quack during their cheers. How crazy is that? I definitely believe it should be incorporated into at least one sideline cheer. 

“But we’re the Lake Land Lakers. It makes no sense!” I have been told when I have let this amazing idea leave my lips once or twice. I knew there would be some resentment, so I have known better than to shout this opinion to the world. I know that the title of the teams at our college are the Lakers, but at the end of the day, the physical mascot of Lake Land is a duck, and a cool duck at that. I think Laker Louie would be honored to have his call shouted amongst the stands. Lots of other schools incorporate the sounds of their mascots into their sideline cheers. I’ve seen schools with a wolf mascot howl, schools with a lion mascot roar- I have even witnessed a school with a viper mascot hiss. 

Now, I know that quacking during a cheer may sound a bit off, but that is okay. We could totally be creative and just incorporate the physical word “quack” into a cheer. We could also spell out the word if we are desperate. It wouldn’t be as exciting, but it is better than nothing. There HAS to be a way to honor the fact that Laker Louie is a duck, and that we as Lakers are part of his flock.

So, cheer team, the ball is now in your court. I know this seems like a very dumb idea at first, but I promise you that it will grow on you.  I just have a feeling that the fans will love hearing you quack in some form for them. Please ponder on this idea, and really soak in all of the possibilities that come with quacking on the sidelines. However, if you do decide to do one, please make sure to credit me when people love it.

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