Disney villains should be voiced by metal vocalists

April 2021 Satire Issue


Maleficent (top left), Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy (top right), Hades (bottom left), Chris Motionless of Motionless in White (bottom right)

Breanna Moore, Lamer than a loaf of bread

As with any tale or story, the antagonistic character, a.k.a. the villain, is supposed to have a generally distinct set of characteristics. They are supposed to pose a threat or at least provoke the feeling of a threat. They should be intimidating, fierce and powerful. Some of them can be creepy, and others are strong-willed. However, I believe that for a villain or a “bad guy” to achieve their full potential in a movie or TV series, the individuals who are casted to be the voice actors for these characters must reflect the same intimidation and ferocity as the character themselves. Therefore, I believe that there are no better suited people for these roles than metal vocalists.

There are a lot of visual similarities when it comes to Disney villains and most metal vocalists. They both tend to wear a lot of dark apparel, and they have the tendency to look tough and intimidating. However, the biggest factor that a metal vocalist could bring to the character of a Disney villain would be their voice.

If you have ever listened to a heavy metal song, and I do mean a true heavy metal tune, you would have already heard the intensity of a metal vocalist. Screaming, growling and other forms of hard vocals are extremely prominent in the genre, so most vocalists are very skilled in sounding like a terrifying beast. Some of my personal favorite heavy vocalists include Tatiana Shmayluk of Jinjer, Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy, Alex Terrible of Slaughter To Prevail and Alex Koehler, an ex-member of Chelsea Grin.

In addition to that, regular singing can also be found within the genre, which is another area where some vocalists excel in by having an incredible vocal range. When it comes to a combination of the two types of vocals, it’s known to be very difficult to quickly interchange between soft and hard vocals. It takes a very skilled and talented vocalist to be able to go from soft vocals to hard vocals almost immediately and vice versa. Since several villains in Disney films have their own song that they sing during the movie, imagine how cool it would be for a Disney villain to sing a song using both variations of vocals? Of course, there would be a very limited number of hard vocals, as the goal would be to slightly intimidate the children watching the movie and not scare them to death.

When it comes to Disney villains, they typically are known to have a very sly and smooth voice, sometimes borderline creepy. There are definitely metal vocalists that I could see contributing to the voice of these characters. Chris Motionless of Motionless In White and Johannes Eckerström of Avatar are two examples of metal vocalists that I think have the perfect voices to go along with that of the main antagonist. They both have a kind of smoothness to them and can also have a creepy edge to them.

While I know very well that Disney will never cast the vocalist of a metal band to be the voice actor for a villain in an upcoming movie, it’s still a cool thought to think about what it would be like. I really think that there really is not a better group of individuals to portray these types of characters. Who could be more intimidating, more powerful, or more ferocious than someone standing up on a stage aggressively screaming into a microphone in front of thousands of people? These people are awesome, and I know that they would absolutely annihilate these roles and play them better than anyone else could.

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