A very COVID Easter

April 2021 Satire Issue

Hannah Hunt, Champion of Typos

Last year our Easter wasn’t the chocolate bunnies and dyed eggs that we all expected. Instead of celebrating this fun, spring holiday, we were kept separated from our families and friends for our safety. As the holiday rolls around again this year we’re all asking the same question, “can we celebrate Easter?” The answer changes town from town, but as a whole it is entirely possible to celebrate Easter. 

Many families decided to gather for Thanksgiving and Christmas at the end of last year, so Easter should be no different. However physical gatherings can still put others at risk. The CDC recommends virtual gatherings over any other type of meeting; however, small outdoor gatherings could also be possible as long as everyone continues to social distance and wear a mask. Even still, virtual meetings make Easter egg hunts harder, and there will always be the disconnect between each other. 

Keeping each other safe should be our number one priority, even if the holiday isn’t the same as it used to be. If you are celebrating with those who may be at risk, a virtual Easter could be the best option. As long as we stay safe and keep COVID-19 restrictions in mind, this can be the best Easter yet. As long as you are following CDC guidelines, and keeping others’ health risks in mind, this Easter can, and should, be celebrated, so free the eggs! May they be dyed, deviled or stuffed! From screen to screen, person to person, let’s make sure to keep positive and enjoy the holiday to the best of our ability.

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