Kanye West is over party


Kayne West at the Innovator Awards in 2019. Photo via CNN.

Molly Smith, Reporter

It comes as no shock that everyone is throwing a “Ye is over party,” yet again. After his split with Kim Kardashian earlier in the year, which led to a falling out over Instagram; and again when she was in a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, West has dug himself into another hole.


West has always been someone in the spotlight of controversy. This trend dates back to 2009 when he stormed the stage at the MTV Music Awards and took the mic from Taylor Swift. When ex-wife Kardashian started publicly dating Davidson, West started posting to his Instagram and losing multiple friendships with long time friends of his. After that, West essentially became his own meme.


Now, West has taken things too far. At Paris Fashion Week, West was seen sporting and featuring his own show clothes that featured the phrase “White Lives Matter.” This caused an outcry against West as different celebrities, notably Gigi Hadid, were seen commenting on West’s page at the disgrace of his actions. West would go to screenshot comments like Hadid’s to post and make his own hateful comments towards the stars.


In the weeks following the show, West’s image went in the toilet, to say the least. Almost all of West’s sponsors pulled out of deals and collaborations. The biggest being Adidas who West worked with for his Yeezy brand.


Big companies like Apple Music are now starting to pull away from openly supporting the artist’s music by not adding his music to popular playlists on the site. You also know you have made it big when the famous wax statue manufacturer, Madame Tussauds, makes you a figure to display in one of their museums. West had this privilege and has now reportedly lost it as they have taken his off the floor.


This needs to be stopped. West does not need all of this to garner attention towards himself, especially when Kardashian has spoken out before that West’s mental health is not in the right place. Listeners and people who follow West have to quit giving him a platform to speak. We need to stop saying “I separate the artist from their music” when they are damaging their image so heavily. The numbers just continue to grow as more people and companies continue to distance themselves from the controversial rapper.


West needs help not attention, and he will continue to get that attention if nothing changes. Change has to happen now. Everyone needs to be educated on the hurt West has caused not only to himself, but to those around him.

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