Taylor Swift is going on tour!


Taylor Swift’s official tour poster. Photo via Stubhub.

Maia Voegel, Layout and Design Editor

Taylor Swift announced that she is going on tour during the spring/summer of 2023 on Nov. 1, 2022. This announcement came via her making a surprise appearance on Good Morning America. The tour is called the “Eras Tour” and Swift explained it as a tour exploring all of her past and present eras. This announcement came as a surprise to some but not for others as many swifties have been manifesting this tour since she started re-releasing and rerecording albums. 

This tour is starting off in March 2023 and is ending in Aug. of that same year. Tour locations are spread across the Midwest to the West Coast. With openers such as, Paramore, Phoebe Bridgers, Girl In Red, HAIM, Gayle, OWENN and Gracie Abrams. Each of these openers are signified by a different emoji sitting next to the date/dates that they are appearing at and many swifties are theorizing that the emojis also signify which eras Swift will be exploring during the shows they are next to, but this theory has not been confirmed by Swift or her team. So, it is anyone’s guess what and how many songs are going to be featured from each era. 


Gracie Speer, a Lake Land College history major and a fellow swiftie, stated “I’m incredibly excited that she’s touring again and very curious about what the tour is going to look like since it is a combination of all of her albums and eras rather than just her latest. I really hope to hear ‘Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve,’ ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘Holy Ground’. But honestly, it’s really hard to choose what songs I want to hear with her whole catalog to choose from.”


Swift going on tour again is a dream come true for this swiftie who has loved her for 11 years and never seen her live. This was such a nice thing to wake up to on Tues. Nov. 1!

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