Halloween Meme Review

Photo via Dribble

Photo via Dribble

Navigator Staff

Anyone with access to the internet knows what the month of October means. The cosplayers are out for blood, and the meme pages are overflowing with new and old Halloween memes.

The Navigator staff decided that we would be the ultimate judge of which memes are worthy of a hard exhale out of the nose, and which ones need to be sent back to the cemetery.

Spirit Halloween memes are, of course, the first one on our list. These memes always resurface during the month of October, as do the stores. That isn’t the only way these memes tend to take after their stores though! Simply put, Spirit Halloween cannot be killed. In any form, be it meme, store, or feeling!

According to our staff, Spirit Halloween memes are meant to be around for a while. This meme scored a ⅘, which makes total sense. Though they aren’t the funniest meme we’ve ever seen, they’re a classic. We look forward to seeing them next halloween.


They’re spooky, they’re scary, Skeleton Memes! These memes have been around for so very long, everyone has to dust them off before posting them again.

Our staff’s opinion was very split on this meme. Overall it got a solid ⅖ rating, though it scored all over the place! This meme isn’t the newest on the list, so maybe that is the reason? Either way it would seem that these memes need to be laid to rest.

This meme is scary for a totally different reason. Surfacing during 2020, this COVID Halloween is, sadly, still relevant.

Our staff was once agains split on this meme. Either because of the horrible memories it brings back or maybe it just doesn’t tickle our funny bones? COVID Halloween Memes’s score was tied between a ⅖  and a ⅗ .

Michael Myers memes have always been a killer addition to memes all around. 

Clearly these memes really killed our staff too! It scored a 100%, full points, a 5/5! Best meme, the most spooks, so so so funny. To be fair, this meme does just hit different. This meme caused a stabbing feeling in our gut… from laughter!

Everyone’s favorite family-friendly Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, has memes aplenty. Our staff lit the black-flame candle and awoke the laughter inside of us.

In all honesty this was a pretty average meme. Our staff scored a ⅗ , It’s enough make us smile a little, but we’re not laughing out loud for this one. This is the kind of meme that gets reposted 13,000 times on some random meme page, and you kind of like it at first but the more you scroll the more you see it and after five minutes you hate it.


What’s more relatable than spending money you don’t have on decorations you don’t need?

Our staff certainly could relate to this meme! This one was one of the highest scoring memes on our list! Half of us rated this 5 out of 5, the funniest category! The rest of the votes weren’t too far off from that score either. Looks like back to Spirit Halloween we go…

Although we already have a meme in this format, it was too good to pass up. What would Halloween be without its werewolves? A lot less hairy…

Once again, we were split on how to rate this meme! It’s tied at ⅘ and full points! We all got a little chuckle out of this one, and honestly that’s the whole point of these memes. They’re kind of funny, and they get you in a spooky mood for Halloween!

It only makes sense that we end where we all began. We all start planning our next Halloween costumes Nov. 1. Everyone’s thinking about their layout for decorations in July!

We have yet another tie! This time it’s between a  ⅗ and a ⅘. We still found it averagely funny, and clearly related, but we didn’t bust a gut laughing. This is a solid halloween meme, a stable foundation if you will, and clearly we have built upon this foundation to get to the memes we have today. We also just really liked this cat.

That concludes the 2021 Navigator staff Halloween meme review. We hope you have enjoyed your time here with us. You may now make your way to the exits, and collect your halloween candy at the door! Thank you for reading, and have a happy Halloween!


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