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Livestock team continues success

Madolyn Hackler, Business Manager

March 1, 2019

What is livestock judging? Livestock judging consists of analyzing and measuring animals against a standard that is commonly based as ideal, it is also said to be a study of the relationship between an animals form and function. ...

Volunteering at LLC

Volunteering at LLC

March 1, 2019

Kluthe Center

Courtney Reel, Copy Editor

February 1, 2019

The goal of any college campus is to reach as many students as possible. Lake Land has gone above and beyond by offering programs in satellite locations like that of the Kluthe Center. The center in Effingham, Ill. is home to...

Laker Food Pantry: How students can get involved and utilize it

Zoё Donovan, Editor-In-Chief

February 1, 2019

The Lake Land food pantry is not only a way for students to help out in their community but also a place that students who need help can reach out to. The food pantry is organized through Sharon Uphoff, Lake Land’s campus nu...

VP of Student Services Update: Search ends with unanimous vote

Zoë Donovan, Editor-In-Chief

December 3, 2018

Following a heavily competitive and extensive search Lake Land College’s Board of Trustees came to a unanimous decision on the new Vice President of Student Services, Beth Gerl. Her appointment to this position follows 13 years...

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