Not “Kitten” Around: Cats spotted on campus


A captured stray cat that inhabits LLC.

Adam Alexander, Reporter

Lake Land College (LLC) is home to an extensive campus with many outside sights to explore and experience during all semesters. These sights include the lakes, several sculptures, disc golf and surprisingly, cats. 


At various times, on any given day, cats can be seen roaming the grounds of LLC. These cats are mostly seen around the Luther Student Center and Northwest building. As for how many cats inhabit the campus, it is unknown.


However, Master Gardener Jana Barker provided the information that the cats are wild or stray. Currently, the custodial staff has opted to catch these wild cats, the only trouble being that they are “not easy to catch.” 


With that being said, are the cats causing any problems on campus? According to Jeff White, biological science instructor, the only issue White could think of would be if the campus had a natural abundance of wild aviary life. White even mentioned that the cats could do some good by dealing with rodents on campus grounds.


If you happen to be walking outside on campus, take a moment to take in your surroundings. You never know who or what might be watching you, right “meow.”

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