This year’s NFL Draft


Image retrieved from Sporting News.

Darrius Frazier, Archivist

The National Football League (NFL) Draft is an annual event, typically in mid to late April, in which teams from around the league such as the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts and the Dallas Cowboys select a player from college or trade within the league for other players. This year the draft was held April 28-30 at Paradise, Nevada. Next year, the draft will be held in Kansas City for the first time ever. The NFL Draft is so popular that since 2010, it was held in primetime for three days on ABC. 

The first overall pick in this year’s draft was Travon Walker, defensive end from Georgia, who won this year’s college football national championship. Walker was picked by the Jacksonville Jaguars, who sported the worst record this past season. Teams who typically had the worst record usually have the opportunity to pick first.

Andrew “Andy” Gaines, a psychology instructor at Lake Land College (LLC), roots for the New York Giants.

 “I know that the reports are that the Giants had a good draft,” Gaines stated, “However, I don’t really follow college sports, so for me, I don’t have too strong of opinions until I see them play at the NFL level.”

Greg Powers, the broadcast communications instructor and chair of the broadcasting department, is an Indianapolis Colts fan. Like Gaines, Powers mentioned that he typically does not follow the draft very closely. The reason why Powers roots for the Colts is that “the Colts is the most local team in the area, and I’m not a Chicago fan, and my parents used to live in the Indy area as well.”

James ‘D.J. Bougie’ Silas, still follows the Rams “despite moving from St. Louis back to Los Angeles.” 

 Silas was satisfied with the draft picks the Rams made due to their pick of a running back and two wide receivers. Silas explained that the Rams, who were Super Bowl champions in Feb., “will have a difficult time repeating as champions since [other] teams are now looking for ways to beat [them]. Super Bowl champions usually don’t repeat. The way the Rams can repeat is to stay injury free and for the defense to get better.” 

Alan Craig, also known as ‘D.J. A.C.,’ is a current Broadcast Communications major. Craig unsurprisingly roots for the Chicago Bears as a Chicago native. Additionally, Craig likes the Kansas City Chiefs because of “Patrick Mahomes and how he moves the ball down the field.”

 In regards to the Bears’ draft picks, Craig “didn’t like the fact that the Bears didn’t have a first round pick,” he lamented, “That bothered me.”

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