Laker Survival Guide: What to know to prepare for next year


Students pose with Laker Louie during a school event.Photo retrieved from Lake Land College.

Trinity Turner, Reporter

The semester is nearly over and though everyone probably wants to take a break from thinking about college, there are a couple things to think about before the first day of class in Aug. How will you pay for college, stay engaged and make your time at Lake Land College (LLC) memorable? 

First and foremost: TRiO. TRiO is for first-generation college students, this includes if your parents didn’t complete a bachelor’s degree or did not attend college at all. Upcoming freshman, Bailey Mercer, recently discovered what TRiO has to offer. 

Mercer said,  “I had no idea what TRiO was. My friend was actually the one to show it to me.” 

The program can help those who have questions about college, that include how to pay for it. “I started looking into TRiO because my dad and I make too much money so I don’t qualify for the 2022 FAFSA,” explained Mercer, “I am hoping to look into it father so I can help pay for my college” 

TRiO has many different opportunities for students. These include counseling, tutoring, scholarships and many other programs. They even take college visits days to make sure students get all the information they need before making big decisions.

The TRiO team states that “TRiO services are free to eligible students.”

As for scholarships, TRiO can help you set up your foundation scholarship. The Foundation scholarship is a scholarship through LLC “which [can] range in amounts up to $5,000,” according to LLC’s website.This scholarship will reopen Aug. 1 until Aug. 31. However there are also local scholarships through multiple resources. Check with the local banks and personal electric companies. 

While TRiO can help you with paying for college and applying for scholarships, the program can also start your transfer process as well. It is best to contact both TRiO, the advisor of the other school and your advisor at LLC. 

It’s also important to get classes scheduled for next semester, so get a hold of your advisor! Ali Mccarter, a soon-to-be sophomore, says “I wish I would have known the academic counselors that we need to meet to set up classes.”  

A good tip is to check your “plan and register” tab in the Laker Hub. You can keep track of your own progress and the classes you want to take. Sometimes advisors just leave it up to you and do not do much advising. Being able to see a record of your classes and progress can make it easier to talk to your advisors because you will have a record of your classes right in front of you. 

To stay involved with the campus, feel free to join clubs! LLC has so many clubs available to students. A good way to gauge your interest in these clubs is events such as Welcome Day and the Spring Carnival. These events happen at the beginning and the end of the academic school year. This year’s Spring Carnival is on May 4! 

Another way to stay involved is attending Student Activity Board’s (SAB) planned events. SAB plans events for students to destress and find enjoyment on campus. Some of these events include things like hypnosis, magic, bingo, and free food. 

There is lots to do to prepare for the start of the next school year. Though this may not cover everything it is a good start so you do not have to stress over summer.

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