Jimmy Johns: Freaky fast becomes a freaky fail


All you can see is lettuce and a hint of meat. Image retrieved from Reddit.

Trinity Turner, Reporter

On April 9 the Navigator staff attended a conference at Eastern Illinois University (EIU). While we were there they served us Jimmy Johns for lunch. Because of that it has come to my attention that Jimmy Johns really isn’t that good. I was really excited for our lunch, specifically because of Jimmy Johns but I was sadly disappointed.

The story is, we sat to eat and I opened the cute box it came in. There it was, the saddest sandwich I had ever seen. All that was there was mainly lettuce. That’s right, a turkey and cheese sandwich was mainly lettuce. I am sorry Jimmy Johns but I don’t know anyone who would pay any amount of money for a lettuce sandwich. 

According to the Jimmy Johns menu, their 6.5-inch turkey sub  (titled the Little John #4) costs $3.60. Then, to make it a combo, which is what we were served (although to make it exactly what we were served extra sides must be added, as we were given the sandwich, a bag of chips, a cookie and a quartered pickle), it brings the total to $8.57. All this, before tax.

When compared to their competition, Subway’s prices are actually more expensive. Their 6-inch turkey breast sub (which is the closest comparison to the Little John #4) is $6.59 according to Subway’s menu.

Even though Subway is more expensive, they actually serve meat. Consumers are getting what they paid for I suppose. Jimmy Johns, Your prices may be cheaper, but that doesn’t mean you get to put only lettuce on our sandwiches.

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