Laker Louie returns


Laker Louie poses for a promotional photo. Photo provided by Laker Louie

Shayla Taylor, Business Manager and Reporter

Laker Louie has returned to his traditional duties after a lengthy sabbatical due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He will now be present at almost every home sports game, be around on Laker visit days and will be hosting a Student Activity Board (SAB) event on Dec. 8. 

In keeping with the long-held tradition of mascot anonymity, the team behind the character does its best to keep Louie’s true identity a secret. In an interview, the person in the suit said they wanted to be Louie because they are an energetic person, were their high school mascot and are passionate about supporting Lake Land’s sports teams. “It was something I was very passionate about because I saw how I could go to a game and see the kids smiling and the school pride that people had. It’s a way for me to express my school pride in a way that makes other people happy in the process,” Louie explained.

When asked what they thought of having to keep their identity a secret, Louie said they liked not having to worry about being judged based on the way Louie acts at events. “People see it as Louie, people talk to me as Louie, and I can just be myself and enjoy my time there,” Louie said. 

Louie said that they are really enjoying working with the cheer team and getting involved in the community, also stating, “I am most looking forward to interacting with people and creating a warm atmosphere at the games.” They also said that one of the biggest challenges is keeping their identity a secret, mostly due to having to discreetly put on the costume and transporting it in a way that is not obvious. They also said, “The hardest thing is really just trying to reach everybody and trying to find a way that can make everybody enjoy the games. I try to make sure everyone feels like they have a connection with Louie and can be a part of it.”

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