Sports are back on campus

Sports are back on campus

Addie Eddy, Social Media Manager

Does anyone remember going to games? The good ole’ days when we could go out without a mask and were free? Sports are making a comeback to campuses around the world, but specifically back to Lake Land. We are so excited to see these athletes, new and old, come back onto the courts, diamonds, and fields. Rules and regulations have changed, of course, but that won’t hinder us from going to watch the games.

We might be back in session, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t rules to follow. COVID-19 has really thrown sports for a loop. The NCAA has to keep everyone safe while also letting them play and watch the sports. In order to keep everyone safe, they put in some new rules to follow. 

When traveling, only the essential people should be going and everyone is expected to wear a mask and social distance. Each team is asked to complete a daily health screening before entering the athletic facility. The coaches and players on the bench are asked to wear a mask for the entirety of the activity. Social distancing is encouraged when it can be done. Sanitation is also very important when it comes to the athletes and the equipment. The NCAA and the CDC are trying to keep everyone as safe as possible so that we can try to live a normal life.

Sports being back on Lake Land’s campus and open to the public is a huge step forward for us. It is exciting to see things starting to work out for everyone. Everyone is excited to get back out there in any normal way they can. This is just one of those ways. We are all excited to watch the Lakers get back out there and bring home the gold!

To stay up to date on upcoming games look at the Laker Calendar in your Laker Hub or visit 

For more information on the rules and regulations for athletes and spectators, visit

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