With struggles during a pandemic, the Laker’s Volleyball team suffers from a harder season


Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

In the past Laker Volleyball seasons, the Volleyball team had a great winning rate with 23 wins and 15 losses in the 2019 season and 27 wins and 14 losses in the 2018 season. However, for the 2020-21 season the Volleyball team had 11 wins and 12 losses. Nonetheless, an almost 50/50 win/loss ratio isn’t bad, but this year’s team had a rougher season then compared to the past.

With overall team stats, the highest ranking team statistics the Lakers have is actually a bad one. The Laker Volleyball team ranked sixth overall for the amount of ball handling errors, which could help explain the increase in lost games. When a volleyball team has a player lift, double hit or throw the ball, the officials call a foul and the ball goes to the other team. 

Although the second overall highest ranking statistic for the Lakers is a much better rank to have in comparison. The volleyball team ranked ninth on the amount of block solos. In order for the team to receive a successful block, the opponent team must fail to dig the block. For an accounted block solo, the successful block must have been achieved by only one player, or it would be a block assist.

When looking at this season’s statistics for individual players, the three sophomores on the team, Caroline Souza, Morgan Parsons and Lara Caldeira, played hard. Outside Hitter Souza scored a total of 300 points this season and 3.83 kills per set. Souza is transferring to Park University where she will continue her volleyball career on the Park Pirates Volleyball team. 

Middle Hitter Parsons scored 174 points this season, had 0.59 blocks per set and 27 service aces this season. While Setter Caldeira had 57 aces and a hitting percentage of 0.231.

Hopefully in the 2021 season this fall, the Laker Volleyball team can improve and train during the summer to be their best once the next season starts.

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