Laker’s MBB season come to an end

Laker’s MBB season come to an end

Hannah Hunt, Reporter

The Men’s Basketball team has ended their season in a loss, 104-76, at the NJAA Central District Championship. 20 games in total, with six wins and 14 losses, the team had a losing streak for the last four games of their season. The season started Jan 23, on a win, and ended April 5. Their most recent games, March 20, 22, and 24, also ended in losses. The game on March 20 was against Kaskaskia, with an end score of 91-82. The game on March 22 was against Wabash Valley, with an end score of 96-90. The game on March 24 was against Southwestern Illinois, and ended with a score of 96-66.

The team averaged 81.3 points per game. They also averaged a total of 6.3 three pointers made per game. As for averaged rebounds, the boys had an average of  7.7 offensive rebounds, 21 defensive rebounds, 28.8 total rebounds. They had an average of 12 turnovers, 3.3 blocks and 7.4 steals per game.

This season was a rough one, the team had many close games. Perhaps with more practice they can make next season turn out better.

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