‘For Those That Wish To Exist’: the groundbreaking new album from Architects

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British metalcore band Architects released their latest studio album on Feb. 26 through Epitaph Records. Titled “For Those That Wish To Exist,” this album is the band’s ninth record and has had an incredibly important impact on their music career. 

Back in 2020, Architects released a single with its music video that would be off of their up and coming album on Oct. 20. The track titled “Animals” was a heavy song that took the worldwide rock community by storm. It placed high on rock music charts around the world and immediately made its way to being played regularly on satellite radio stations. “Animals” absolutely dominated the genre, which was a promising start to the band’s upcoming era. The day following the singles release, Architects publicly announced the release date for their album, “For Those That Wish To Exist.”

Leading up to the official release date of Feb. 26, Architects released three additional singles after “Animals.” On Dec. 2, the second single “Black Lungs” came out with its accompanying music video. The third single, “Dead Butterflies,” was released Jan. 20. The music video for “Dead Butterflies” was from a livestream concert event that Architects did from Royal Albert Hall in London. The fourth and final single, “Meteor”, was released on Feb. 8, two weeks before “For Those That Wish To Exist” came out. With the release of each of these singles, the excitement and overall hype for the new album continued to increase. 

Finally, the highly anticipated Architects album “For Those That Wish To Exist” was released on all music platforms on Feb. 26. The immediate response to the album was extremely good, and it quickly became a major success. 

One week following the records release, Architects received some very exciting news. “For Those That Wish To Exist” had claimed the spot of being number one on the UK rock charts. Architects have never had an album hit number one, and they were absolutely blown away at the response to the record. They took to social media to share the unbelievable news. “We’ve been around for 16 years, and this is our [ninth] record – bands just don’t hit new peaks on their ninth record, but here we are,” they posted to their band’s Instagram account @architects. The album also topped charts in Australia, which made the milestones that “For Those That Wish To Exist” even greater. 

Even though the album has been out for an entire month now, “For Those That Wish To Exist” continues to receive mass amounts of love and support from listeners and rock fans. This album was not only a new favorite of the worldwide rock community, but it became a very important factor in Architects career. I highly recommend that you go and listen to “For Those That Wish To Exist” from wherever you stream your music. My personal favorites off of the album that I suggest include “Impermanence,” “Little Wonder,” “An Ordinary Extinction” and of course, “Animals.”

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