Netflix brings ‘iCarly’ to the platform


Jess Oakley, Reporter

Netflix has brought the amazing show from our childhoods, iCarly, to the platform. So many people have been spending the past few weeks binge watching the show, which brought us so much laughter in our youth. 

I’m very glad to live in a generation where all of my favorite things are so easily accessible. Nowadays you can watch anything from the past so easily. Everything is on YouTube or a streaming platform. 

I think you can look back to the media you consumed as a child to find an answer to the reason you may be attracted to certain things or types of comedy. Like iCarly introduced an entire generation of children to laugh at feet jokes. Thanks, Dan Schneider. 

iCarly is ingrained in my brain along with the happiest memories of my childhood, laughing for 20 minutes about a llama joke. Ah, childhood.

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