Do the Kardashians really need a third season?


Promotion photo for the Kardashians’ reality tv show. Photo via Forbes.

Elyse Jenkins, Reporter

The Kardashians first started working in reality television in late 2007 and have only taken one year off from then till now. That is 15 years of working in this business before expanding, but truly who wants to see a third season of their new reality show? Most days there is always something new with one of the many Kardashians/Jenners and it is always the most dumb thing ever such as, “Kris dyed her hair blonde after Kourtney.” No one truly cares about that, who would want to read and report on something that dumb? Is this what we need to expect for the show because that would be such a waste. At least give us something entertaining like a sibling argument or crack some jokes. It is so obvious they are filming and they are acting differently because there is a camera, be the raw person you are.


How can you also be so insensitive in the show, there are times where the Kardashians flaunt their wealth and make it seem like things are so difficult for them. There is a scene where Kim is in some sort of big storage place and talks about how she has 30,000 pieces of clothes. That is more clothes than most people would wear in two lifetimes. Khloe talks about building a mansion right next door to her mom. I could never afford a mansion no matter what I did in life to save money as well as make money. It would be physically impossible because who truly needs a mansion? Not a single soul needs a mansion, we need houses and apartments; but mansions? That is such a waste of money, especially when you buy multiple mansions, vehicles and just anything in an excessive amount. Who needs multiple mansions and 30,000 pieces of clothing? No one. 


The Kardashians and Jenners may be entertaining at times, but these people are the reason society is all sorts of messed up. We do not need to be teaching young people that it is okay to have 30,000 pieces of clothes and that you need that many clothes to be happy and you don’t need makeup and to look like there is an excessive amount on your face to leave the house. These women, specifically Kourtney, Kim and Khole have been such bad role models for their kids and women in general that are tearing away our self esteem, our look at body image, how we get ready and how we take care of ourselves in all aspects. As a woman, I am extremely disappointed in these women. They should have stopped filming and posting a long time ago, so we can look at ourselves in a better light than we are right now. We cannot keep letting these women destroy our mental health and alter our physical appearance and physical health because we will then all try to look and be like them when that is totally not needed anymore. 

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