Professor X; history special

The Professor X logo. Photo by Paul Dorman.

The Professor X logo. Photo by Paul Dorman.

Paul Dorman, Reporter

For those who have been following the series so far, Professor X was a very interesting column I’ve come to embrace quite closely as time wore on. I really enjoyed the heck out of it, especially when hunting down faculty and making a pitch to each person every week.


To begin, let us discuss some of the history of how this series came into action. For those who may not know, I also serve on the Student Government Association (SGA) of Lake Land College (LLC), and we had an ongoing project we were discussing, namely what to do with all the plaques that were wrapped up, untouched for years,  slowly gathering dust.


We ultimately decided to give the ones with owners on them to those owners (if they could still be contacted) or alternatively create a wall of them in the case of a certain few special ones, such as the student trustees.


The interesting part, however, was that the plaques were wrapped up in older Navigator papers to prevent dust buildup and protect them from the sun and environment. That was how I discovered the column, which last ran in 2019. From there, it was modified and adapted to fit into the newer style of paper, to clarify what the rules were and to provide some ideas of the types of rewards that could be given out, including goodie bags and ideas for custom t-shirts, which I honestly never had a chance to finish, but perhaps they could be finished with next year’s staff.


Ever since that moment, a lot of interest has been garnered from students, staff and especially faculty alike! Every month people were talking about it, wondering who the next Professor X was, and if they could use their one and only guess allotted to figure it out (and to prevent spamming).


I have to admit; I had a total blast with the series, and I hope that I’ve brought joy to those who may have been reading it each month as well. It was truly an awesome piece to plan for each month and I’m going to miss it a lot once I graduate in just a few weeks.


Finally, a big thank you has to be given to all the faculty who decided to give their time to sit down with me, the readers taking the time out of their days to read the column, the discussion and interest generated between students and staff, among countless others. Without you all this series would not have been possible!

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