Heart of the ocean returns to the cinemas


Rose did in fact let go. Photo via fandango.​​

Viv Ard, Avid Jennifer Coolidge impersonator

Titanic was re-released to theaters on Feb 10 to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary. Originally released in 1997, this is such a nostalgic experience for classic movie dates and movie lovers– now in 3D. The show casts Kate Winslet as the young version of the main character, Rose DeWitt Bukater, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson, the rebellious love interest. The feature also stars Billy Zane as Caldeon Hockley who focuses as the rival between the two main characters. He is Winslet’s fiance in the film prior to boarding the Titanic.


The story begins with now almost-one-hundred-year old Rose, played by Gloria Stuart narrating her history on the ship. It follows young Winslet as she boards the Titanic, the world’s deemed “unsinkable” ship, on a voyage to America where she ends up meeting DiCaprio. Winslet and DiCaprio meet informally after he saves her from her attempt to jump off the deck. Zane then accuses DiCaprio of sexually assaulting his fiance but Winslet tells Zane the truth. Winslet then invites DiCaprio to a formal dinner. The two end up sneaking out and hitting it off but are quickly shut down by Zane as he finds out. As the story continues, Winslet becomes rebellious against her fiance and sides with DiCaprio. Zane frames DiCaprio for stealing the ocean jewel necklace, but the group has bigger problems ahead as the ship hits the iceberg. The duo of Winslet and DiCaprio attempt to safety. 

This major blockbuster consists of several nostalgic scenes and references many still used today, such as the scene on the front deck where Winslet quotes “I’m flying, Jack,” as Celine Dion’s song titled “My Heart Will Go On” plays in the background. Another classic scene includes Winslet stripping nude, wearing only the “heart-of-the-ocean” jewel necklace, and asking DiCaprio to draw her. “Draw me like one of your French girls,” quoted from the same scene, is a reference many people still use today. One of the most well-known quotes comes from the end where DiCaprio has died due to hypothermia and Winslet lets him go off the board while sobbing “I’ll never let go, Jack.”


This tear-jerking, historical fiction romance/drama is truly a great watch and a perfect movie date idea. Perfect timing as well as the feature re-released four days prior to Valentine’s day. The actors and film itself have won many Oscar awards due to its incredible work and impact on entertainment history. It’s truly a staple in the entertainment industry and as Celine Dion sings, it will go on.

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