Board of Trustees holds elections


The areas shown in red spans the entirety of the Lake Land College District. Photo via LLC.

Paul Dorman, Curious but subtle engineer & leader

On April 4, the Board of Trustees will be holding their usual two year election cycle as part of the Illinois consolidated elections coming up for this year. The positions for the Board are six years in length and there will be three of them for this year’s cycle, with the three incumbents Ms. Doris Reynolds (Mattoon), Mr. Mike Sullivan (Mattoon) and Ms. Denise Walk (Teutopolis) running. If more candidates were vying for the positions, it would be by the most amount of votes, but in this case only the incumbents are running so everyone will be getting a seat this time around.


The circulating of petitions began on Sept 20 of last year, so plenty of time has been allotted for any potential campaigning the candidates might wish to do. Chief of Staff, Jean Anne Highland, granted The Navigator a sample candidate’s election packet available to those who may have wished to run for the 2023-29 terms (as the filing period to complete the packet has already passed; it was set to be due in full from Dec 12-19).


The packet requires that a list of materials and other obligations be fulfilled during that particular week. For example, a total of 50 signatures are required for a petition of nomination, as well as statements of candidacy and economic interest. Candidates may also choose to take a loyalty oath as well if they wish, but it is only optional and not required. Those who are elected will be seated by May 2.


Anyone eligible and who lives within the Lake Land College Community College District #517, which covers all or part of 15 counties in East Central Illinois, may vote for the upcoming election. So make sure to take part if you wish to show support for the candidates and exercise your ability to vote!

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