Professor X; March edition

The Professor X logo. Photo by Paul Dorman.

The Professor X logo. Photo by Paul Dorman.

Paul Dorman, Reporter

One of the courses I teach is among the most, if not the most, feared of college courses. Although I teach in many buildings on campus and at the Kluthe Center, the best place to catch up with me is my office in the Northwest Building.

A significant portion of my grading happens in the classroom and demands significant attention. With great frequency, I utilize the Socratic Method in my teaching. Although I teach a class online, I prefer the immersion afforded by a face-to-face setting. A sure way to get sideways in my classes is to fail to staple.

When I am not slaying in the classroom, you might find me in the gym, reading Dostoevsky, Mountain Biking, or contemplating origin, meaning, morality and destiny. Every weekday I eat four eggs for breakfast followed by white rice, ground beef or venison, and mixed veggies for lunch. I am the father of two college students – both of whom have attended Lake Land College. My wife is a Physical Therapist.

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