Crime Scene Technician Program


Some of the students enrolled in the program are shown completing a project. Photo via JG-TC.​​

Audra Gullquist, Editor-in-Chief

Lake Land College’s (LLC) Criminal Justice Program has launched a new addition to their course! The Crime Scene Technician Program began this Spring semester and LLC is one of the few institutions in the state that offer this program. It provides hand-on experiences and training that meet the standards of the International Association of Investigation (IAI) and provides several career advancement opportunities. 


The program familiarizes students with blood splatter analysis, crime scene investigation, crime scene photography, bullet trajectory analysis, evidence gathering and evidence processing. After completing this course, students will be adequately prepared to take the IAI exam.


The program is instructed by active and retired crime scene technicians. Dave Chambers, Criminal Justice Instructor at LLC, stated that “The Criminal Law and Criminal Evidence and Procedure portion of the program is taught by myself and attorney Jody Swann. The hands-on curriculum is taught by Retired Crime Scene Investigator J.D. McCain.”


There are no prerequisites to joining the program. As long as you are a LLC student, you are eligible to register for the program. There are currently nine students enrolled in the program. Chambers described the program by stating that, “The Crime Scene Tech Program is an 18 hour certificate program. Students are taught Criminal Law and Criminal Evidence and Procedures. Additionally, students have four 8 week Mod classes that are hands-on training.  The hands-on portions include extensive training in identifying, seizing, and preserving evidence. Additionally, the hands-on training included photography and crime scene reconstruction.”  


Freshman Elyse Jenkins is currently enrolled in the program. She shared that the program is very interesting and helpful for her future career. She stated that, “We are learning all the basics. How to do the crime scene sketches and basically just everything crime scene related such as blood splatters, finding DNA, sketches and police reports. After spring break we are actually going to do mock crime scenes. We went to the coroner’s office and that was really interesting. We are going over all the basics and getting into the advanced stuff.”


Colt Guyon, a 2022 graduate of LLC’s Criminal Justice program, mentioned that he wished the program was offered while he was attending LLC. Guyon stated that, “I think the program will really help current and future students succeed in their careers. Hands-on experience is always a great way to prepare for any career field. If the program was offered while I was still at Lake Land, I would’ve loved to join!” 


To join the program, visit and click “Enroll” or visit For more information about this program, contact the Criminal Justice Instructor, David Chambers at [email protected] or 217-234-5310.

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