Andrew Tate: kickboxer, influencer, human-trafficker?


Andrew Tate after a judge extended his detainment for another 30 days. Photo via Alexandru Dobre.

Adam Alexander, Social Media Manager

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested in Romania for charges of rape and human trafficking on Dec. 29. If any of you have heard about this, it is most likely no surprise that Tate is under investigation for these charges.


I personally feel as if it is a long time coming for the self-proclaimed “king of toxic masculinity.” Tate has done nothing but promote terrible behaviors and ideas to his audience online. Tate’s “Hustler University 2.0” launched back in 2021 and has made him an enormous amount of money. Multiple sources say anywhere from 9 to 10 million dollars a month.


“Hustler University 2.0” is a program in which its users must pay a monthly fee to gain access to Tates classes on how to no longer “be a loser anymore.” This program promotes toxic masculinity, sexist and anti-LGBTQ ideas. He also provides lessons on money-making and dating tips. This program also promotes the idea of “escaping the matrix” in reference to the movie The Matrix. He uses this concept of the matrix and the idea of people being “red pilled” to try and defend himself. When Tate was arrested, he stated, “The Matrix has attacked me.”


Again, my opinion on this program is that it promotes these hateful and terrible ideals and ways of thinking. With that, his arrest is not surprising at all. Currently Tate and his brother are still detained in Romania. Tate’s first public appearance since the arrest shows him and his brother being taken into Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism building. He told reporters, “There is no justice in Romania unfortunately.” Which is ironic since his reasoning for his move from the United Kingdom to Romania was because “rape laws are more lenient there.” I suppose the laws were not as lenient as Tate and his brother would have wanted.

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