Jenna Ortega in “Wednesday” is ‘gory’ingly fantastic


Jenna Ortega starred as Wednesday in Netflix’s new Addam’s Family reboot, “Wednesday.” Photo via ​​IMDb.

Maia Voegel, Layout and Design Editor

On Nov. 23, a new adaptation of the classic “The Addams Family” came to Netflix called “Wednesday.” Wednesday is Morticia and Gomez Addam’s daughter. The series takes the perspective of Wednesday as she starts at Evermore Academy and attempts to get used to her new surroundings. This short television show premiered on Netflix, and it immediately blew up. It held the number one spot on the Netflix top ten for months after it premiered and was absolutely raved about on Tik Tok and other various social media sites. The series spans eight episodes all ranging from forty-five minutes to an hour. It definitely is a binge worthy series. 


The series stars Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, known for her roles in “the Fallout,” “Stuck in the Middle,” the second season of “You” and most recently “Scream.” The series also stars Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams. Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams and Issac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams. Jenna Ortega’s rendition of Wednesday is comedic, gorgeous, horrific and absolutely and just simply amazing. The show is all about Wednesday finding herself outside of her parents’ shadow and this adventure starts when she goes to Evermore academy. This is where she meets Enid, played by Emma Myers, the complete opposite of her uncaring – on the brink of sociopathic tendencies – self. Enid and Wednesday are made roommates and find that they have more in common because of all that they have uncommon then they originally thought. There seems to be more than what’s on the surface of this academy and Wednesday is all for it because she loves herself a mystery. 


Wednesday also finds herself under the eyes of Xavier (played by Percy Haynes White) and Tyler (played by Hunter Doohan). One of the boys is a supernatural being and the other is a mortal living in the mundane town that is adjacent to Evermore. These relationships are unexpected to Wednesday and puts her to the test how little or how much she cares all the while trying to solve a mystery that puzzles Wednesday throughout the series. This series tackles Wednesday finding herself amongst much adversity and all the while trying to solve a mystery that gets her into a lot of sticky situations along the way. Luckily, Wednesday likes sticky situations. 

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