Kellie Niemerg; the new Academic Advisor


Kellie Niemerg, the new Academic Advisor. Photo via Lake Land College.

Darrius Frazier, Archivist

This month, Kellie Niemerg became a new Academic Advisor on campus. Niemerg stated that she “oversees Business students in addition to coordinating new students’ orientation.” She also mentioned that she previously “worked at the Foundation Office to take care of the Foundations scholarships, so it was the foundations, awards, and I was the corporate relations coordinator position in Foundation.” If you went to your Hub account and filled out your Foundation Scholarship application, she along with a committee of people were evaluating your application to determine which scholarship you are eligible for or if you do qualify for one.


Additionally, she explained that prior to working in Foundations, her preceding positions on campus were “working in Financial Aid as a loan advisor for about five years and I worked in counseling previously as a Graduate Assistant (GA) and Intern while in Grad School and I was also a Director at Kluthe in Effingham from 2020-22. I have been to a lot of places on campus.” So as a loan advisor for Financial Aid, she specializes in helping students and parents understand financial aid programs on campus by assessing their financial needs.


She mentions that, “working in the same position ten years ago helped her with her current position tremendously. It helped me know the ends and outs of Lake Land, of how the Hub works, the class schedule works. The Financial Aid experience has been valuable, having students in my office, being able to talk to them about financial aid, their courses. All of my past experiences on campus have helped me in these positions, in knowing about the college so that I can share that information with my students.”


Moreover, she indicated that after she “received my Bachelor’s from Eastern Illinois University (EIU) in Kinesiology, with a concentration in Exercise Science, I received my first job in counseling at Lake Land in 2012. While working in counseling on campus, I received my Master’s in College Student Affairs at EIU.”

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