Give blood, and save a life


LLC”s blood drives are held through American Red Cross. Photo via American Red Cross.

Molly Smith, Reporter

A simple act that could save many. Giving blood is something that not many people take part in, the same holds true with organ donation. According to the Red Cross website, you could save up to three lives with one donation. November’s blood drive was the second drive Lake Land College (LLC) has held this academic year. Each drive is held through the Red Cross. Many students, faculty and community members show up to take part in the drives at LLC.


The location of last month’s drive was different from the first. The first one this year had been held in Webb Hall, while last year’s was held in the theater. The location for this drive took place in the Foundation and Alumni Building located between the Luther Student Center (LSC) and the Northwest Building.


The new location was a great way for students to get to see inside of the building, as not many events for students are housed in the building. The Foundation and Alumni building is one of the newer additions to the campus and has the same modern feeling as the LSC.


I spoke with Lake Land freshman Braedan Nichols about the drive. He stated he had walked past the Foundation Building, but didn’t know what was inside. Saying that it’s a really nice building and being able to take part in the drive is a “great experience everyone should try at least once, if possible.” Nichols told me he actually has a fear of needles but being able to help someone in the world “fills me with a good feeling in my chest.”


There are usually a couple of queasy faces walking in and out of a blood drive, but the heart inside those who donate is one made of pure gold. The Student Activity Board (SAB) hosts the events and gives a free sub from Subway to those who donate, which is a nice reward.


The employees of the Red Cross want to make the experience as easy for everyone as possible. Those who are hesitant about needles are understood by the staff, but their courage for the greater good is appreciated.


LLC plans to have another blood drive on Jan. 31 of 2023. This drive will take place at the Foundation and Alumni Center from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. If you are a frequent donor or are interested in giving blood, visit http:/, to look for drives happening in your area.

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