It is the perfect weather for reading!


Fall is the perfect time to go outside and read a book. photo via Trinity Turner.

Trinity Turner, Copy Editor

As the leaves begin to change, the smell of pumpkins and apples fills the air and the wind gets a little colder; it’s a perfect reminder that Fall is here and another reminder to pick up a good book. 


Fall brings along the colder weather, but it also brings some rain and storms and what is better to do on a day that the weather is saying to stay in than read? Lake Land College (LLC) student, Jenna Reed, believes “People read more in the fall and the colder months! The colder weather causes people to spend more time inside and a great way to pass the time when you’re stuck inside is to read!”


Reading a book allows you to venture into different worlds right from your couch. However, Fall can bring nice weather and is a perfect time to read outside. LLC offers many parks and gardens on its campus where students can sit and read, but just any tree and blanket would work. 


Winter is coming, so it’s best to start reading now and enjoy these outdoor parks lake land offers before a couch is the only spot. Happy reading!

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