National Gratitude Month


keeping a gratitude journal is one of the many ways to celebrate National Gratitude Month. photo via Reviewed.

Bailey Farris, Reporter

Appreciation is in the air this month, as November is National Gratitude month! There are many ways to celebrate, such as writing thank-you notes to those you appreciate, recording what you are thankful for each day or simply spending time with those you are grateful for. Letting those around you know what they mean to you is a wonderful way to solidify relationships.


Along with boosting relationships, there are positive health benefits to being aware of what one is grateful for. Seeking out the good and shifting your focus towards it can help bring positivity into more aspects of your life. It is important to reflect on what you are thankful for, even if it might seem insignificant to others. 


For some, it may be difficult to reflect on what they are grateful for. However, starting small is the best route. You can be appreciative of anything— from a favorite t-shirt to a much-needed vacation. The simple act of reflecting on something good that happened can leave a positive impact.


You now may be wondering what your peers at Lake Land College (LLC) are grateful for. Psychology major Skylar Stewart gives thanks to the strong female role model that is her mother. Another student, Tyler Wright, is thankful for the welding program that LLC offers, as well as his dog Charlie.


What are you grateful for today?

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