Remembering Robbie Coltrane

The Potterheads around the world will miss that smile. Photo via

Trinity Turner, Copy Editor

On Oct.14 2022, a tragedy struck the Potter Heads community as beloved Robbie Coltrane passed away. Coltrane acted in many movies such as James Bond, The Brothers Bloom and as Hagrid in Harry Potter. 


Coltrane’s death and the loss of Hagrid are shocking as Lake Land College (LLC) student Katie Martin mentions, “ I am very shocked and saddened by his death. He was only 72. He will be missed but we will always have him as Hagrid.” She then continues to talk about how she felt about his most known character Hagrid, “Hagrid always had a spark to him. He was one of my favorites for many reasons but the two main ones are he never judged anyone for where they came from or their past. The second one is he was so nice and helped Harry in every way he could.”


Hagrid was the groundskeeper at Hogwarts and one of the main protectors of Harry Potter. Hagrid also loved all animals and according to the Potter Heads fandom, he is just a gentle heart giant. After hearing about the death of their beloved Hagrid, fans gathered at London, and Universal parks to raise their wands in memorial. 


They also quoted a line Coltrane said at the Harry Potter Reunion in January 2022 for reassurance. The quote states “The legacy of the movies is that my children’s generation will show them to their children … So you could be watching it in 50 years, easily … I’ll not be here, sadly … but Hagrid will, yes.”

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