Haunted local locations


Haunted locations around Illinois, read this article if you dare. Photo via Trinity Turner.​​

Trinity Turner, Copy Editor

As Halloween approaches, so does the want to find some haunted places. However, many don’t want fake ghosts and goblins; they want real ones. So here are just a couple of the scary places found close by.


The first location is in Ashmore, IL, a little town outside of Charleston, and it is called Ashmore Estates. Ashmore Estates first opened its doors in 1857 as a poor farm. During the poor farm years, a maintenance guy named Joe was hit by a train, and a four-year-old girl named Elva died in a house fire. Ashmore closed its doors in 1959 and opened again as a psychiatric hospital. As a psychiatric hospital, it would house 49 residents. An unknown resident is said to crawl towards you on the third floor. Opened today under Robbin Terry, Ashmore is slowly being modeled back to its glory days. However, the stories of those fallen and the paranormal remain. It is open to tours and paranormal investigations.  


While Ashmore may not be scary enough for everyone, the story of Rag Doll Cemetery may give some chills. Rag Doll Cemetery, also known as Bethel Cemetery, is located south of the airport in Mattoon, IL. The cemetery got the name, rag doll, due to a small girl who passed away. However, many locals have a different version of this story. Some say the little girl was murdered, and some say she just passed. However, one part of the legend is the same: the rag doll. It is told that this little girl carried around a rag doll, and when she died, she was separated from this doll. This doll now protects her grave, as many have vandalized it. The rag doll chases anyone who wishes to harm this little girl. That is how Bethel Cemetery was changed to Rag Doll Cemetery. 


Ridge Cemetery, located on Williamsburg Hill in Tower Hill, IL, is said to also have a haunting history. This hill was formed by a glacier. Tower Hill used to be called Cold Spring back in its heyday. However, in 1880 the town went vacant after the trains changed their routes. All that’s left now is Ridge Cemetery, which is the final resting place for those that lived in Cold Spring. It is also the origin place of many spooky tales. It is speculated that the cemetery may have been the site of cult activities. Another story states that a three-year-old girl went missing and was found near the cemetery stating that the people in the ground wanted her to “stay with them.” It is also said that weird creatures, eerie lights, a disappearing man and apparitions have been seen on cemetery grounds. 


One final location is in Alton, IL and it is called McPike Mansion. McPike Mansion was built in 1869 by Lucas Pfeiffenberger for Henry McPike. Henry Mcpike lived in this mansion until he died in 1910. The house would then transfer multiple hands. However, it has not been occupied since the 1950s. It is currently owned by Sharyn and George Luedke, who are attempting to repair the damage vandals and weather have done to the mansion throughout the years. Many unexplained paranormal activities have occurred in this mansion. Balls of light and human-shaped outlines have been spotted in numerous photos. However, it is said that these figures and lights are not able to be seen with the human eye, only pictures can capture the paranormal activity. It has been shown on many TV shows and has been deemed the most haunted house in the midwest.  


Although these are just tales, it is up to you to determine if you believe in the haunted history or not… if you’re brave enough. 


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