One D&D: Wizards of the Coast’s next project to rule them all


A Red Dragon protects his hoard of Dungeons and Dragons dice. Photo via Adam Alexander.

Adam Alexander, Social Media Manager

The role-playing game company, Wizards of the Coast (WotC), announced on Aug. 18, 2022, that they are moving away from the idea of editions in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). WotC has its next project launched called One D&D. One D&D is not a new edition of D&D but an update of sorts to the current Fifth Edition.


D&D is a tabletop role-playing game where one dungeon master (DM) creates and leads an adventure for a group of players, also known as characters. Fifth Edition D&D has been the prime example of tabletop role-playing games since the original release of its three core rule books, the “Player’s Handbook” for player characters, as well as the “Monster Manual” and “Dungeon Master’s Guide.” This guide helps DMs create and run the game. These rule books have been unchanged since their release in 2014, although the content has been updated due to expansion books. These expansions did not change core rules but added additional content, unlike the new One D&D.


According to WotC, “One D&D is the codename for the future of D&D.” They continue by stating three projects under the name of One D&D. The first of the three projects include the newly updated base rules that are currently being playtested until near the end of 2023. This playtest is available to anyone and can be accessed at WotC’s recently acquired D&D digital toolset D&D Beyond at


As for WotC’s second project, it is related to D&D Beyond. D&D Beyond started as a third-party source for information and helpful tools to play D&D. However, D&D Beyond was recently purchased by Hasbro, WotC’s parent company, on May 18, 2022, and is officially the property of WotC. With this new virtual toolset, WotC wants to expand and make the program even better than it was before.


The third completely new project that is not building off of old material, WotC announced its Digital D&D Play Experience. Essentially, it is a virtual tabletop with tools for creating and playing D&D using a 3D play space and miniatures. This program is currently in early development and will not be able to be accessed by players until 2023 when a closed beta is launched.


Lake Land College student and D&D player Kai Starrett have enjoyed playing Fifth Edition D&D for about a decade. Concerning Fifth Edition and the new One D&D updates, Starrett commented, “It’s pretty bare bones mechanics-wise, which made it perfect for the more recent boom in interest and players, but it seems like it’s been adding a lot of supplementary content to give the players more variety, and I’m definitely ready for this edition to continue the trend.” Equally important to Starrett, is his concern for the balance between the new variety and the increased ease of use for new DMs.


Starrett claimed, “I’m most excited for the digital aspects because lockdown taught a lot of players that there just aren’t any online options that are as good as in person.” The new focus on making D&D Beyond more accessible as well as the new Digital D&D Play Experience, is excellent for new and old players.


One D&D is a big step for WotC. The push for making the game more accessible, is great for the community as well as the company. According to, “its [Hasbro’s] most profitable segment is Wizards of the Coast.” These new incoming players, as well as old, make Hasbro’s WotC new project, One D&D; their precious.

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