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Community garden located in front of Webb Hall. Photo provided by Audra Gullquist.​​

Audra Gullquist, Editor-in-Chief

College life can be difficult sometimes. Lake Land College understands the struggle and wants to help ease your stress as much as possible. So, when you’re feeling the pressure of schoolwork or financial problems, don’t hesitate to take advantage of LLC’s various benefits and resources. 


In March, the board of trustees approved the reduction of tuition from $110.50 to just $100 per credit hour. This 10% reduction went into effect during the summer semester and will continue throughout the 22-23 academic year. When speaking on the change, LLC’s President Josh Bullock stated that “The financial pressures of the past two years have been a challenge for many, and we want our students, future students and community to know we’re 100 percent behind their success, and thus setting our tuition rate for next year at $100 per credit hour. We are excited to provide more affordable opportunities for individuals seeking to change their lives by earning a college credential, certificate or degree,”.


For any student needing an extra financial boost, check out the Foundation Scholarship. Applications for this year will be accepted from November 1- February 1. Once you complete one application, you will be eligible for all of LLC’s Foundation Scholarships. Scholarship awards go all the way up to $5,000. To apply, visit or click the Foundation Scholarship icon in your Laker Hub.


Are you a first-generation college student struggling to navigate college life? Step into the Trio office in the Luther Student Center! You’ll be greeted by friendly faces that can’t wait to assist you with navigating college life. When asked what all Trio does, Joy Kaurin, Trio student services advisor, stated, “We do everything from assisting students with transferring, visiting universities they want to transfer to, we offer a special grant aid scholarship and just additional advising support. We love to work with students and connect them with resources they might not know about.” Students who have been active in the program for a while and have leadership qualities get to become Trio Ambassadors. Recently Trio was able to take their ambassadors on a cultural trip to Indianapolis’s Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre and Washington D.C, where they were able to increase their leadership skills. Although they currently have a waiting list, applications are always accepted. Eligibility surveys are available on the Laker Hub or in the Trio office.


Are you feeling peckish? LLC has you covered. A community garden has been added in front of Webb Hall. This convenient garden contains tomatoes, peppers, marigolds, eggplants and even pumpkins. The garden is managed by Club IT and is available for students to graze through any time they please.


If veggies aren’t your thing, head over to the Student Life Office in the Luther Student Center and grab some free snacks. Lisa Shumard-Shelton, Director of Student Life, oversees the snacks and stated that “Student Life is proud to partner with the Laker Food Pantry to offer free snacks to any student who might need “fuel” to get through their day. They are welcome to come in and select what looks good! There are chips, tuna packets, granola bars and other options depending on the day! Come check it out! Also free in student life is the current campus read book, answers to questions, and copies of the Navigator News!” The Student Life Office is a welcoming environment where you can receive assistance or advice on almost any LLC issue. It is also home to the Student Activity Board, Student Government and Navigator News. If you’re interested in joining any of these groups, head to the Student Life Office, and grab a snack while you’re there!


Don’t let the stress and pressure of college get you down. Let LLC help instead. For more information on the various resources offered to students, visit

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