SGA meets with President Bullock, hosts banquet


Shayla Taylor

President Josh Bullock meeting with SGA.

Shayla Taylor, Repoter

At the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting on Wednesday, April 27, delegates met with Lake Land College (LLC) President Dr. Josh Bullock. Both members of SGA and Bullock expressed that they had been looking forward to having a chance to speak to one another about their shared concerns. 

The main topics discussed were changing of the email system, growing student involvement outside of the classroom and the food pantry. 

After it had been thoroughly expressed by students that the current email system is far from user-friendly, LLC has been working on making several improvements. While they do not know for sure when the changes will occur, they hope to have it implemented over the summer. Bullock also stated that they would like to increase texting too, as a faster way to communicate with students and keep them in the know about things happening on campus. 

The majority of student life groups and clubs at LLC have had difficulties getting and maintaining members. SGA delegates spoke with Bullock about tweaking some things so that they work better for post-COVID-19 life, as everything is currently governed by how things were pre-COVID-19. Bullock agreed that the “pace of change has been accelerated,” and conveyed that he was glad that SGA recognized that. He also informed the group that since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an influx of non-traditional students at LLC. He stated that he would love to see them be more involved and that he “wants to make sure that all students have the opportunity to be engaged.”

Freshman delegate Douglas Wilson has been working with LLC Health and Physical Education Instructor Madison Dailey to improve the LLC food pantry. There are currently displays around campus with grocery bags of food, and Wilson expressed that he would like to purchase canvas bags through the Human Services Club for students to transport their items from the food pantry in. SGA voted to order $75 worth of these bags to give to the club for this purpose. Bullock acknowledged that lots of students are having a hard time financially and reported that 60% of LLC students work at least thirty hours per week. 

Dr. Bullock said of the meeting, “I think it went really well; I love hearing feedback from students. The sole reason Lake Land exists is for the students, so there is nothing more valuable than being able to make changes according to the students’ wishes.”

On the evening of April 27, SGA President Skye Schumaker and Parliamentarian Brady Clark emceed the annual student recognition banquet. This was the first in-person banquet since the spring of 2019. The pair opened the event and invited and introduced those coming onto the stage.

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