Student of the month: Dental hygiene

April’s student of the month


Hannah Hunt

Carlie Bradbury poses on LLC campus.

Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

Carlie Bradbury is April’s student of the month for the dental hygiene program. Originally from Oblong, Illinois, Bradbury is ending her first year at Lake Land College (LLC) by being announced as the student of the month for April. 

“It’s exciting that people actually thought of me,” Bradbury explained, “some people told me that they were going to vote for me but I didn’t know if it was for sure or not.”

Bradbury had always dreamt of being in the health field, beginning when she would attend her sisters orthodontist appointments for their braces. “I thought it was really cool, so I really wanted to be an orthodontist,” Bradbury laughed, “but then I was told they go to school for hundreds of years.”

The next option was to become a dentist, “because that’s only eight or nine years of schooling.” However, her personal dental hygienist changed her mind.

“She said that the dentist doesn’t have as much one-on-one time with the patients, they don’t get to know the patients as well as the dental hygienist does,” she explained, “They don’t get to have that connection with their patients, and I’d really like to have that.”

Bradbury finished with a laugh, “I’m a people person, most of the time.”

The student of the month program, which started up in Sept. 2021, is seen in a positive light according to Bradbury. “I don’t think there is any negativity to it at all,” She exclaimed, “When somebody gets it they usually did a little extra than usual that month and people notice.”

She personally votes for people who are very helpful and positive, saying that she “really appreciate[s] that in a person.” Bradbury would also vote for “somebody who is nice, but everyone in here is nice!”

The competition was started to put a spotlight on students who go above and beyond to do their best. Bradbury feels that this ‘competition’ brings the students closer together. They have even done away with anonymous voting, and instead vote in person showing that they “have each other’s backs.”

“We’re already really close,” Bradbury said with a smile, “and our instructors can see that we’re team players.”

Bradbury said that she admired many of her instructors, but especially Elizabeth Hartrich. She listed that Hartrich explains everything thoroughly, gives good examples and is really supportive. “With her there is never a stupid question,” Bradbury smiled and nodded, “and she will always be there for you.” 

In the future Bradbury hopes to move to Indiana with her current boyfriend. “We’ll have a kid, or two. I hope to live the American dream, I know that sounds cheesy. I want to be happy.” 

She plans to help provide for her future family as a dental hygienist, “I want to provide for my children and not have to worry about things.”

She went on to explain that ”you never know what is going to happen, so sometimes you have to have that plan. Just being able to give my family what they need and want would be amazing.”

Bradbury finished by telling her peers, “Stay in there, you got it, and be strong.”

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