“Dr. Micheal Morbius at your service”


Official “Morbius” movie poster. Image retrieved from MarvelBlog.com.

Maia Voegel, Reporter

On April 1, 2022, “Morbius,” the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), was released to theaters. And though it was acclaimed to not live up to the hype, I quite enjoyed it. 

Be warned: There are spoilers ahead!

“Morbius” follows Dr. Micheal Morbius – played by Jared Leto – in his journey in becoming a “vampire”/ anti-hero in modern day New York City. The movie starts out with Morbius approaching a cave full of vampire bats to try to contain them and experiment on them. Morbius struggles with a rare blood disease that makes him basically unable to live without constant blood transfusions. He makes it his life mission to find a possible cure for him and his childhood best friend Milo (real name Lucien) – played by Matt Smith – who struggles with the same disease. 

Morbius ends up succeeding in his mission and becomes the test subject of his own experiment – splicing bat DNA with human DNA. This experiment turns Morbius into a mix between Dracula and a darker version of Edward Cullen from “Twilight” (with a higher moral complex, as Morbius does not want to kill anyone). Morbius struggles with his new powers; he is afraid of them because of what he knows he is capable of. 

Overall, it felt like a classic superhero movie with a darker twist because of the whole “craving human blood” thing. The casting was amazing. The ending was a bit questionable as it did not feel like an ending, but it did feel as though Marvel is setting up for another movie. The action and CGI was beautiful and believable, especially the special effects with the powers of Morbius and really creating a visual representation so that the audience could see what was happening. Though I am not aware of the comic book version of Dr. Micheal Morbius, I am in love with Jared Leto’s version. I look forward to what the MCU holds in store for this fascinating anti-hero.

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