“10 Minute Power Hour” returns for a season two

Return to madness


The Game Grumps sit at the iconic “Ten Minute Power Hour” table, about to start filming of the first episode of season two. Image retrieved from Instagram user @gamegrumps.

Hannah Hunt, Co-Managing Editor

YouTube duo, “Game Grumps,” brought back their show “10 Minute Power Hour” (10MPH) for season two on the channel “The Grumps!” After taking a break due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Game Grumps aired their first episode back March 21.

 The two hosts of the channel, Arin ‘Egoraptor’ Hansen and Daniel ‘Danny Sexbang’ Avidan, were forced to put a pause on the 10MPH once quarantine started and they could no longer record together. Part of the show’s magic is in the humor the two stir up together, and it would not be the same over a call.

The season one finale was announced on June 22, 2020, after the 116th episode. This was also when they confirmed that there would be a season two, “after the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour (what Arin and Danny refer to the COVID-19 pandemic) eases up and they could return to the office,” according to the Game Grumps Wiki.

On their Instagram, @gamegrumps, the return of the show was officially announced on Feb. 16, with a picture of Hansen and Avidan recording the show and the simple caption “March.”

The first post to “The Grumps” YouTube channel since the finale of 10MPH season one, was made on March 8. This upload was the season two trailer, which was also posted to their Instagram. Another post, to their Instagram the same day announced that with the return of the Power Hour, they would also restock the merch store and release new merch in celebration. 

Arin Hansen poses with the Ten Minute Power Hour “Storefront” limited edition screen print. Available at merch.gamegrumps.com. Image retrieved from Instagram user @gamegrumps.





Danny Avidan poses in the Ten Minute Power Hour long sleeve tee. Available at merch.gamegrumps.com. Image retrieved from Instagram user @gamegrumps.

The first episode featured two guests, Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach and Ethan ‘CrankGamePlays’ Nestor-Darling. During the video, titled “Uno Anus (feat. Unus Annus),” the four played the card game Uno, but consequences/dares were written on the wild cards. 

Mark Fischbach accepts one of the dares dealt during the game of Uno.Image retrieved from Instagram user @gamegrumps.

Official Season Two Trailer: 10 Minute Power Hour – Season 2 Trailer

First Episode: Uno Anus (feat. Unus Annus) – 10 Minute Power Hour

Game Grumps Wiki:https://gamegrumps.fandom.com/wiki/10_Minute_Power_Hour

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