March Madness

2022 Satire Issue


Supernatural Season 9 Episode 18. If you haven’t watched anything with the Trickster, watch Tall Tales, Mystery Spot, Changing Channels, Hammer of Gods and then this episode.

Trinity Turner, The Trickster (If you don’t understand, get better)

March Madness is rearing its little head and we are ready. It’s always so interesting watching people get amped up about this and try to be psychics as they guess who wins. After all, it’s just soccer right? Well, March Madness has nothing on April Fools day. Honestly, if the amount of people that played pranks watched March Madness, it would be cool. 

Pranks are pretty big in America because who doesn’t love a good laugh? (If someone doesn’t then they are probably a Karen. STAY AWAY!!!)  Down below are a list of good pranks and a couple that are over the top but funny. 

Number One: Glitter bombs

It’s kind of obvious that not many people like glitter, but this is a holiday of dislikes so put some glitter into an envelope and hand it out like an invitation! 

Number Two: Googly eyes

These fun little eyes can turn anything into a little creature. Buy a bag and put them on anything that doesn’t have eyes or even things that do. See how many your friends notice around your dorms!

Number Four: Prank calls 

While these are a little old school and require some acting, sometimes they can be funny. So gather some friends numbers, dial *67 and their number and enjoy a good laugh. Pretend to be a food delivery service and confuse your friends!

Number Five: Melted chocolate “poop” prank

This prank involves you going to the bathroom with melted chocolate on your hands and then as you get done request for someone to bring you toilet paper. When they come near, rub the chocolate on their hand, and watch them freak out! (Bonus points for the “disgusting” factor if it’s warm.)

Number Six: Fake bugs or snakes

These little plastic creatures can be scary to most. This fear makes for a funny laugh when you put these creepy-crawlies in things they shouldn’t be in. For instance, a fake cockroach in the fridge or a rubber snake in the bed will give your friends a real spook!

Number Seven: Bubble wrap 

This is an easy prank and the aftermath is quite soothing to some (after the initial shock). Run to the store, buy some bubble wrap and put it down in unexpected places. For instance, place some bubble wrap under a rug or toilet seat for a popping surprise. 

Number Eight: magic marker prank

Being a really old prank, many think it’s cliche. However, this is an easy prank that anyone can do. Simply wait for your friend or roommate to fall asleep, and then grab a washable marker and draw a cool or ugly mustache on their face. If you are wanting a long-lasting angry reaction, opt for a… less washable marker, like a Sharpie. But you didn’t hear it from me, I don’t want their angry reaction!

Number Nine: No batteries in the remote

This one is also a classic. This is a trick to play on the unsuspecting as they try to sit down and watch TV. Basically, at the start of the day before anyone wakes up, grab the TV remote and take out the batteries. Place them somewhere you will remember and  have a laugh as someone tries to figure out why the remote isn’t working!

Number Ten: Reverse psychology

To me the best prank of all is hyping up yourself and telling everyone you have amazing pranks planned, and then not doing anything at all. They’ll sit in worry all day and while you’re sitting back just enjoying your day!

P.S. I skipped number three, and I bet you just went back to check! Gotcha! Happy pranking!

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