“Uncharted” underdone

A gamer’s review of the “Uncharted” movie

Uncharted movie poster. Pictured are characters Nathan Drake, Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, Chloe Frazer, Santiago Moncada and Braddock. Image retrieved from Empire Cinema.

Uncharted movie poster. Pictured are characters Nathan Drake, Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, Chloe Frazer, Santiago Moncada and Braddock. Image retrieved from Empire Cinema.

Trinity Turner, Reporter

“Uncharted” started in late 2000 as a video game for the Playstation 3. This game featured characters that go on a treasure hunt and follow the footsteps of some world-renowned explorers like Sir Francis Drake, Ferdinand Magellan and even some explorations like the search for El Dorado. 

Recently hitting the big screen, this four-game video series was made into a movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Tom Holland, Antonio Banderas and many other big names in film. 

The movie is based on the fourth game in the series, “A Thief’s End,” where the characters follow the trail of Magellan. This explorer had supposedly hidden his golden treasure near the Philippines. While the movie’s announcement excited many gamers, it did not do the game any justice. It flipped the storyline of the game and didn’t even try to fully follow it. 

Be warned: spoilers ahead.

In the video game, players start off with a flashback of brothers Sam and Nathan Drake, in an orphanage; the same can be said for the film. Afterwards in the game, we are taken to a prison camp in Panama after completing some challenges. However, the movie follows the orphanage scene with Sam leaving and then, a grown-up Nathan alone.

I get that there needs to be a better storyline for the film, but “Uncharted” the game had a great story already. This is the first thing that upsets me; if Hollywood wants to make a movie about a video game, they should follow the storyline! The best part in the games is the love shown between the brothers. Fans of the series know that Sam would never just walk out on Nathan. 

Speaking of Nathan, the next thing that did not sit right with me is the casting. Tom Holland is just too young and sweet to play Nathan. Nathan is a strong main character, as he grew up exploring with his brother. He can also be kind of a jerk. Holland apologized all throughout the movie, which is something Nathan never did in the video game. 

Then we come to the casting of character Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan. I love Mark Wahlberg, but personally I think I would have liked him better playing Nathan. Sullivan does not make an appearance in the series until the end of the fourth game. Hollywood tried to tie all the games into one but failed. Sully does hire the Drake brothers, but this is not until the third game, “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.” The fourth “Uncharted” game is mainly just about Sam and Nathan. However, Wahlberg did do Sully’s character justice, unlike Holland (Sorry; the kid just needs a backbone to play Nathan). 

The last thing that upset me is the ending. (Warning: big spoiler ahead!). While Nathan and Sully did get away with the treasure and all is well, Sam is seen sitting in a  jail cell. Like I mentioned before, Sam should be out adventuring with Nathan and helping him. So why is he sitting in jail and what was the actual purpose of putting that in the movie when it’s supposed to be at the start?

I could see this detail being a possible hint at a sequel. Please producers, for the sake of all the gamers who devoted years to these games, get your heads out of your behinds. Sit in front of the tv and actually play the game, then write the movie!

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